moonchild Creations

charged by the light of the full moon


     It all started when I received a gift, a pair of earrings, one was lost and the other became an orphan earring. Saved for its beauty, as a token of generosity and representative of loss, the orphan was used as a template to make the dragonfly earrings I wear so often.

That is how it started, and this is where it continues…

     The dragonfly embodies many cultural meanings and experiences great changes in its lifetime. There is connection with the spirit of the mature dragonfly. Able to take to the sky, navigating with the skills bestowed by the passage of time and transformative growth. Their wings are transparent yet strong, carrying their unique bodies higher than their former selves could have imagined. So with me, I am transparent, with nothing to hide, have battled my way, cracking my exoskeleton for my wings to emerge. To become this new, older, wiser version of myself. Moments of freedom taking to wing, relishing family and friends as we journey aging together.

Joy is found in the dragonfly's ability to change, thrive and soar...and this is so in our human life. 

I am at peace with who I am and yet always willing to grow and change, sometimes painfull, to be able to allow better versions of myself emerge...Namaste.